L. Ron Hubbard Stories from the Golden Age a Viable Solution for English as a Second Language Readers

Foreign English as a Second Language Speakers now Outnumber Native English Speakers 3 to 1 – revolutionizing book sales as we know it.

Frankfurt, Germany—“Stories from the Golden Age has now surpassed 1.8 million sales since launch of the campaign,” it was announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair by Claude Sandoz, Director of Foreign Rights at Author Services, the literary agency for international bestselling author L. Ron Hubbard.  (www.goldenagestories.com)

Along with the continued resurgence in popularity for Stories from the Golden Age in English speaking countries, they are also doing quite well in several other countries around the world where a desire to learn English as a second language has found these books with their accompanying unabridged audiobooks a great resource. “We are just over the halfway point in the release of the line,” stated Sandoz.  “As English continues to become the dominant world language, foreign English speakers—those who are learning English as a second language—now outnumber native English speakers by a ratio of 3:1.”  And the demand for English books that can be used to improve both reading and speaking English is likewise increasing rapidly.  “As awareness of the type of storytelling in the Stories from the Golden Age increases, we expect to rapidly see that two-millionth sale achieved,” concluded Sandoz.

Educators using the Stories from the Golden Age have commented on the value of these books as tools to improve the enjoyment of reading, quite in addition to a better understanding of English.  “Our English teacher is very excited about the opportunity to introduce each of her students to such a well-written science fiction novel by renowned author L. Ron Hubbard.” –FK, Media Specialist, Antioch, TN

“The beauty of these books and the quality of Mr. Hubbard’s writing will be enjoyed by our students and staff for many years to come.” PC, Library Media Specialist, Castle Rock, CO

For a complete listing of available titles and the schedule for release of the remaining books, go to www.goldenagestories.com/release-schedule.

Stories from the Golden Age contain 153 stories written by Hubbard that are being published in 80 volumes, in a wide spectrum of genres, including adventure, western, mystery, detective, fantasy, science fiction and even some romance, using his own and 15 pen names.

For more information about the Stories from the Golden Age, go to www.goldenagestories.com.

Dr. Lothar Kiessl, Public Affairs L.Ron Hubbard

Frankfurt Book Fair 2012 – L. Ron Hubbard stand with the Indian character from his book „Buckskin Brigades“.

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