Guinness World Record – for a Common Sense Guide

London, UK— Author of the “Most Translated Book”, L. Ron Hubbard has just received his 4th world record as confirmed by Guinness World Records. The official statement reads: “The most languages into which the same book has been translated is “The Way to Happiness” by L. Ron Hubbard (USA), which can be read in 70 languages as of 2010, including Hindi, Samoa and Uzbek.”

Past Guinness world records also awarded to author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard include ‘Most translated author,’ ‚Most audiobooks by one author‘, and the world’s ‘Most published author.’

The Way to Happiness booklet is a common sense guide to a happier, more successful life which includes 21 precepts for daily living – a non-religious code of ethics for everyday use. Mr. Hubbard’s purpose in writing this booklet was to reverse the moral decay in society by restoring trust and honesty in the world through the book’s publication and widespread distribution.

Since its initial publication, the book has been used by individuals of any race or religious background as a logical guide to help themselves, their families and associates and to date more than 70 million copies have been published and circulated in 130 nations.

Of course the Holy Bible is more often translated, but it is a religious book, and The Way To Happiness is non-religious, simply based on common sense.

Recently the book has been put on video – 21 precepts of the book can be seen in video clips on DVD or in the internet: or

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